Gadgets Plus is now Tech SOS.

Services and Pricing

Pricing Options and Details

Tech SOS is proud to offer a wide range of services at competitive prices. For your convenience we offer the following 3 pricing options:

* Terms and conditions apply

Timed Pricing
On-Site Network Server Administration $90/hr
On-Site Business Client Support $80/hr
On-Site Residential Support $60/hr
Remote Support5 $15/15 min
Monthly Service Plans

Remote Support Plans5, 6

Basic Remote Plan - Up to 2 hours of remote support per month $45/mon
Standard Remote Plan - Up to 3 hours of remote support per month $60/mon
Pro Remote Plan - Up to 5 hours of remote support per month $90/mon
Complete Remote Plan - Up to 8 hours of remote support per month $160/mon

Support Plans5, 6

Basic Support Plan - Up to 2 hours remote support and 1 on-site visit per month $150/mon
Standard Support Plan - Up to 3 hours remote support and 3 on-site visits per month $400/mon
Pro Support Plan - Up to 6 hours remote support and 4 on-site visits per month $570/mon
Complete Support Plan - Up to 8 hours remote support and 8 on-site visits per month $1000/mon
Custom Plan - Build a custom support plan to meet your needs Contact Us

Managed PC Services

Managed PC health (monitoring, alerts and updates) $2/PC/mon
Managed Anti-Virus (Advanced proactive malware protection) $4/PC/mon
Remote PC access (access your own PCs from anywhere) $4/Acct/mon
Cloud backup service2 (Automated daily backups, up to 100GB) $4/PC/mon
Complete PC protection (includes all 4 services above) $10/PC/mon

Telecom Services

Business VoIP Phone Service $10/ext/mon
Digital FAX over Email Service $10/mon
VoIP Phone or FAX Number $2/mon
Toll-free Number (Includes 500min/month) $10/mon
Unlimited Toll-Free Number $25/mon
Website Hosting (Does not include site address or development) $9/mon
Fixed Pricing

Software Support1

Virus & Malware Removal $60
Basic Tune-Up (Free Up Space & Improve Performance) $60
Complete OS Tune-Up (Includes Both Services Above) $100
Software Installs $40
Fresh Operating System Install $100
Basic Data Recovery (from accedental deletion) $80
Advanced Data Recovery (off non-booting Computer) $160
Complete OS Wipe & Reload2 (includes backup & restore Of Data) $180

Hardware Upgrades & Replacements3

Memory (RAM) $40
Video Card $60
HDD/SSD Upgrade2 (with data migration) $120
HDD/SSD Install (no data migration) $60
Power Supply $80
Chassis Fan $40
Laptop Screen Replacement Call for Quote
Computers and Laptops Call for Quote
All Other Equipment and Accessories Call for Quote

Networking3, 4

Home Network Setup (Up To 4 Computers) $160
Small Business Network Setup (Up To 8 Computers) $240
Professional Wifi Assessment and Consultation $80
Internet Setup (Programming & Setup Of Modem/Router) $60
Terms & Conditions

* Taxes are not included. Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing type must be discussed and agreed upon prior to the job’s commencement. If no type is specified, Timed Pricing will be assumed. Tech SOS is not obligated to perform services at the advertised rates and reserves the right to decline any job.
Travel time may be billed for clients outside our typical support area.

  1. Software not included. Any software required must be supplied or paid for, in full, by the client. Tech SOS is in no way responsible for any repercussions resulting in the use of illegitimate software, or any issues caused by, or involving, 3rd party software.
  2. Tech SOS is in no way responsible for accedental loss of client’s data.
  3. Hardware not included. Any hardware required must be supplied or paid for, in full, by the client. Tech SOS is in no way responsible for any issues caused by, or involving, 3rd party hardware.
  4. Networking and telecom services quoted do not include the cost of any organized cable runs. VoIP phone services quoted do not include long-distance or toll charges. Each phone device added to a VoIP account is considered a unique extension and will be billed as such. The total talk time included in an account is calculated as 500min/month multiplied by the number of extensions in the account. Any time over your account's allotment will be billed at a rate of $5/250min.
  5. The client must have a reliable connection to the internet from the computer in question in order for remote assistance to take effect. Any issues requiring an on-site visit will not be covered by the Remote Support Plans.
  6. All support plans have up to a 1 business day response time, with no guarantee of resolution. Maximum time included per on-site visit is 3h. Each support plan is limited to one address. Any support time required above your plan’s allotment will be billed at the standard advertised hourly rate. Unused hours or visits have no monetary value and do not roll over to the following month.These terms may be negotiated in a Custom Plan. All contracts are to be pre-paid on the first of each month, and would require one months notice to cancel. The response time for Support Plans are in no way binding, and may change depending on the circumstance communicated between the client and a Tech SOS representative.
  7. Any invoice payments overdue by 45 days will incur a 2.5% service fee, which will then be repeated every 30 days thereafter.