Gadgets Plus is now Tech SOS.

Remote Support

We Can Support You Remotely

Most software issues can be resolved quickly and easily by allowing us to remotely conect to your device.
The Tech SOS Remote Support tool (Splashtop SOS) is a safe and easy way for you to give us temporary access.

To get started, simply click the appropriate ‘Download’ button for your device.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac  

Download Started...

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Minumum Requirements: Windows XP and above, MacOS 10.7 and above

Then run the tool from your downloads
If any security warnings pop-up, please click ‘Allow’ or ‘Open’ (This is normal and completely safe).

And finally, tell us the unique 9-digit session code, which the tool will generate.
Sharing this code with us will grant us access to your computer.